Pet food contaminated with salmonella sickens 2 children in Twin Cities


Minnesota health officers say 2 youngsters within the Twin Cities|populated area} area got sick from enteric bacteriapoisoning when returning connected with tainted pet food.

The MN Department of Health aforesaid Fri that testing found identical enteric bacteria polymer patterns within thesiblings. one amongst the youngsters was hospitalized last month with a painful bone condition.

An investigation found the children’s home contained Raws for Paws Ground Turkey Food, which the pet food was contaminated.

The contaminated raw turkey pet food was created on Oct. twelve and oversubscribed on-line on the Raws for Paws web site. the merchandise was recalled Mon by the manufacturer.

Health officers square measure urging pet homeowners to discard or come pet food with this complete, and to totally clean bowls or surface areas.

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